Movie Power Technology Co.,limited is focus on develop VR integrated industry and project

application and promotion.It is a high-tech enterprise which focus on research and

development VR equipment and 4D theater.The company commitment to customize VR amusement 

equipment,dynamic theater equipment for ten years,and real estate,education,medical and 

other areas of VR equipment customization applications production,sales and service together

 The company with excellent quality and brand reputation effect for the domestic theme park,

animation game city to create more than 800 dynamic cinema can more than 2000 VR amusement

experience centers.The products have exported to more than 100 countries around the world.

 `Movie Power has always been adhering to the concept “Inject new power into cinema".

has always been committed to technology research,application,production,sales and service 

of VR virtual reality entertainment equipment and dynamic cinema.




In March 2017, our company has invested heavily in the multi-million square meters of VR comprehensive industrial park.The upgraded "VR movie-power" industrial park not only has the standard production workshop of the ISO quality system of over 100 million every year and the the super 1000 square metre modern business office buildings hardware facilities can accommodate 100 people sales team, but also upgraded, strengthened the system of product supporting and the company product R&D center.Our company will take advantage of the integrated platform of the industrial park to challenge ourselves constantly.



--Dynamic Experience Technology Pioneer
"movie-power" has always been adhering to the "Inject New Power into Cinema" business purpose and committed to the development, production, sales and service of VR and dynamic cinema technology.

--Dynamic Experience Equipment Quality Builder
"movie-power" has always been adhering to the "Quality is a Brand" operation principle, our products check strictly from accessories, production to inspection.The company's dynamic platform will have to be tested for 5 million times endurance tests and synchronous test with a load of 300kg before entering into the mass production process. High standards, high demand production technology creates high quality "movie-power" products.



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