7D Interactive Cinema Product Features

- Jul 11, 2017-

1. The dynamic seat combines the dynamic movement with the 7D special effects to make the audience's sensory stimulation reach the highest point; pollution-free, environmentally friendly products, safe and reliable, and has seat belts and handrails.

2. Low operating costs, easy to operate, energy saving, compared with traditional similar equipment can save about 50%; Convenient transportation, easy installation and maintenance.

3. In addition to the seat system can do lifting, pitching, swinging three kinds of movement, the movement structure of the part of the technical modification, fully adapted to the domestic environment, the reliability of greatly improved, to avoid the dust caused by obstruction and affect the use of equipment, the overall structure of durable, design the use of life of

4. The seat material chooses the special antiseptic material, may effectively kill many kinds of harmful bacteria.

5. The company independently developed audio control vibrator controlled by sound installed in the seat, the use of the sound of the theater to synchronize the control of the seat vibration amplitude and frequency, such as noise-free vibration, strong vibration and can feel the strength of the vibration of the change, and enhance the spot, there is immersive feeling.