IAAPI India International Amusement Facilities Exhibition 2019

- Jan 04, 2019-

IAAPI India International Amusement Facilities Exhibition 2019

Exhibition time: March 6-8, 2019                   

Venue: Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai

Booth: B13

Organizer: IAAPI Association                              

Holding period: one year

Exhibition Overview

As the only professional event in South Asia for the amusement industry, the Indian Game Show attracts 9,000 domestic and foreign visitors and nearly 100 manufacturers each year. Among them, domestic exhibitors account for about 60% of foreign players. They accounted for 40% of the manufacturers from Canada, Italy, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, China and other countries, and their exhibition scale, exhibitors, and number of visitors showed a trend of growing year by year. The IAAPI Trade Show, featuring rides and theme park equipment, is the focus of the Indian amusement industry market. Products on display include screen games, water entertainment equipment, 3D animation, admission systems, bowling, billiards, bumper cars, bouncing, spring beds, cricket equipment, playground amusement equipment, lottery games, riding platforms, slides , simulation and video game related products. The exhibition is hosted by The Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries (IAAPI) and is expected to attract visitors from all walks of life such as amusement parks, theme parks and home entertainment centers.


Market Introduction

The Indian entertainment industry, which is rich in tourism industry, favorable communication language and gradually prosperous market environment, takes advantage of the government's exemption from entertainment industry tax and the opportunity for operators to lower the price of playground tickets, which has driven the development of the entire entertainment industry. It also promotes a sharp increase in consumer spending behavior and increased willingness to invest in the industry. Therefore, the Indian entertainment industry is now experiencing explosive growth, and the future is very worth looking forward to.

The IAAPI exhibition in India in 2019 not only provides excellent trade opportunities for local and overseas investors, amusement park operators and machine equipment manufacturers in India, but also clearly shows the pulse of Indian video games and surrounding markets and the future direction of products. Let the booming Indian entertainment industry get the best proof in the IAAPI exhibition.

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