IAAPI India International Amusement Facilities Exhibition 2019

- Mar 07, 2019-

IAAPI India International Amusement Facilities Exhibition 2019


We had received many people to experience our VR products at the first day of IAAPI India International Amusement Facilities Exhibition on March 6, 2019. Both the local people and other foreigners were attracted by our different kinds of VR products and enjoyed the magic of VR technology.


There were some VR products such as VR Moto, VR 3Q at our booth, B13 in Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai. Those are our best selling lines and you would found a ready market in your countries. For VR Moto, it not only allows users to experience the pleasure of speed, but also alert them the safety of driving.


Our professional team gave the basic introduction and details to the clients who are interested in to help them better understand the products. We specialize in VR industries for ten years and focus on the research and development, production and application of VR entertainment equipment and 4D dynamic cinema equipment. We could also customize according to clients’ demand. If you are interested, you could come and visit our factory and exhibition hall. You will immerse yourself in a interactive VR world.