​Introduction to Virtual reality

- Jul 11, 2017-

Virtual reality technology is an important direction of simulation technology, and it is a collection of many technologies, such as simulation technology and computer graphics human-computer interface technology, which is a challenging cross technology frontier subject and research field.

Virtual reality Technology (VR) mainly includes simulation environment, perception, natural skill and sensing equipment, and so on: simulation environment is a real-time and dynamic three-dimensional lifelike image generated by computer; perception means that the ideal VR should have all the senses of a person; In addition to the visual perception generated by computer graphics technology, there are auditory, tactile, force, motion and other senses, even the sense of smell and taste, also known as multiple perception; natural skill refers to the person's head turning, eyes, gestures, or other human behavior action, from the computer to deal with the movement of the participants to adapt to the data, and the user's input to make real-time response, and feedback to the user's facial features.