360°4d Cinema

- Dec 18, 2017-

360°4d cinema

System is mainly composed of 360 degrees,annulus cinemas, annulusscreen projection system, multiple sets of projective synchronization control system, seamless fusion technology and surface deformation processing systems, systems and integrated control system, sound system and 360 degrees of related special parts, such as film, is with the new technology and produce a new form of film, its characteristic is scene, particularly large screen surrounded the audience hall for a full circle, the audience can stand in the middle of the field to watch.

This form of film is shot from 9 camera synchronous panoramic angles, and 9 screens are shown on the ring screen for simultaneous screening, forming a 360-degree panoramic image. The audience was surrounded by 360-degree images and multi-channel stereo in the viewing of the movie, resulting in an unusually strong feeling. The audience unconsciously feels that they are a member of the film's environment, and they reflect different emotions as the film changes. The audience and the scene blend, it is the charm of the movie.