4D Special Effects Theater Design Process

- Dec 18, 2018-

4D special effects theater design process

“Movie Power” has a domestic first-class 4D special effects cinema design team, construction team, planning team and operation consultant team. With 4D special effects seats, special effects film playback system research and development and production strength.Three-degree-of-freedom technology, six-degree-of-freedom technology, and dynamic movie playback technology have successively obtained national patents. It is the leader of the domestic 4D special effects cinema experience. With the goal of improving the viewer's experience, the latest 4D virtual technology is skillfully integrated with the movie.

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“Movie Power” is a member of China Film Screening Association and Guangdong Film Association. “Movie Power” has provided virtual technical consultants for Guangzhou Dadi Cinema Line, Guangzhou Jinyi Zhujiang Cinema Line, Shenzhen Zhongying Southern Film Shinkansen, and Shenzhen Orange Sky Jiahe Cinema.

With the most innovative inspiration and creativity, “Movie Power” designs different styles for each theater, making your theater unique in the market. To provide customers with 4D cinema layout, cinema supporting functions, cinema architectural decoration, architectural acoustics, cinema projection, sound system, powerful and comprehensive integrated solutions.


The theater design is divided into two parts:

1. Preliminary design

(1)Carry out overall project planning according to the site;

(2)The 4D cinema process design of the system;

(3)According to the 4D cinema positioning and its own characteristics, as well as the investor's own requirements for layout and other aspects of the design.

Including: 4D cinema layout (shadow hall, number of seats, entry and exit route map), projection floor plan (equipment layout and entry and exit route), initial layout of the cinema supporting function area (sales area, ticket office).

2. Deepen the design

(1)Architectural decoration design of the theater;

(2) Architectural acoustic optical design inside the cinema;

(3)the theater's air conditioning, fire protection and other professional supporting design;

(4)The design of the theater screening and sound reduction system;

(5)Design of compressor soft water machine room;

Includes: film plan of each movie theater (cinema plane size, seat spacing and arrangement), movie process profile for each movie room (shadow section size, projector position, seat row spacing, unobstructed slope design) .