4d Vr Movie Theatre From Movie Power

- Nov 30, 2017-

4d vr movie theatre series of recreation system, completed by highly virtual simulation technology, is a scientific data visualization system, with four or six sides closed cube projection display space for visual carrier, will by computer 3 d graphics designer unconstrained style of "ghosts" bridge design into distinct, extremely high simulation stereo visual appeal. Different from general 3 d movie,4d vr movie theatre the experience is completely surrounded by three-dimensional images, immersed in a covered all the horizons of space, wearing a pair of 3 d glasses, with virtual reality interactive devices can walk freely in the haunted house. Trance of light and shadow, and a thrill of terror, waiting experience open layers of space, let a vast experience person as if place oneself terror, experience in the dark line freedom unknown fear.

System with multiple interactive scene to choose from, with different levels of terror from primary Mars adventure, children like to make a monster to the scariest haunted mansion etc, children can experience in the process of adventure use wisdom to overthrow the fun of the monster, can also increase the guts. Accompany the adult, if not lonely also can choose the scene of the high level of terror, in the visual experience that compares the horror film, do a ghost hero, share joy with the child.


The engineers at Movie Power, which developed the live-view virtual haunted house system, told reporters that the system could transform the interactive scene. The real-view virtual haunted house system is different from the popular real haunted house, which is expensive and cannot be changed at will. It can store thousands of horror scenarios at once, and only one controller can allow the experimenter to navigate through the different scenes of classic horror.

The real-view virtual haunted house system does not require complicated installation and debugging, large area of the site. Compared with the entity the haunted house, the biggest difference is that can remove the installed in different sites, used for different purposes, showcase, work don't need a lot of people dress up the ghost, save manpower material resources, also can avoid the disputes caused by physical contact with customers.

Operation parameters (designed according to requirements, custom made by customers)

Site requirements: the design height of the digital video labyrinth project is about 10 meters and covers an area of about 1500 square meters

Length: loop playback

Each reception: 100 people at the same time

Screening interval: uninterrupted

Operation time: 8 hours per day

Daily flow: over 1000 people