6 People Platform 9D VR Equipment

- Sep 23, 2017-

As the world's first commercial project -- virtual interactive entertainment, the 9D VR equipment, exclusive rights to realize virtual reality devices, peripheral hardware peripherals and entertainment content platform seamless combination of whole industry chain, create a set of systematic solution for virtual reality experience, provides the user with a beyond time and space and imagination of the super experience.

Drunk in the virtual world scenery surrounded by 360 °, can enjoy it in reduction of real weightlessness feeling based on perfect space displacement and vertigo, traverse bigotry deduce second life, adventure written legend, with friends and strangers to share some dominate the world of creation...


Similar products! 0 competitors! 9D VR equipment makes virtual reality no longer cold, but really becomes a new form of entertainment to transform the public entertainment lifestyle and become a new industrial opportunity for investors to enter into interactive entertainment industry.

9DVR experience hall features play method

6 major features play the leading VR experience

Point 1: free view of dead corners

Bionic view Angle of 125 °, 1080 p hd resolution independent eyes, bring you no dead Angle in the scene of the real enjoyment.

Point two: dynamic effects interactive warehouse

The movement speed can be adjusted accurately from 10mm/SEC to 167mm/SEC, allowing you to move freely and omnipotent in the virtual world.

Part three: 360 ° rotating platform

Based on the highly free rotating platform, each time forward and each turn, you can fully experience the extreme pleasure of restoring the real space displacement.

Point four: head tracking aim

Built-in 9 shaft sensor, 360 ° head tracking, turn head to real touch in the new world, control the whole sense of control experience at a glance.

Point five: the content covers everything

The vast sky, the infinite sea, the bullets and the sword, the shadow of the sword... Those years of mental fantasy, here and here, a true show.

Point six: live and live

Each of the wonderful discoveries of the new world will be streamed live on the screen, and it will be your legacy, and it will be true in the face of the United Nations.


9D VR equipment  experience library function

The first to launch exclusive features - an instantaneous explosion of investment

1. Cost-effective and exclusive experience

In the past, hundreds of thousands of virtual reality devices, in the 9D virtual reality experience pavilion, were Shared with every customer, even cheaper than an IMAX 3D movie. But the price of a few dozen dollars, can be able to first experience the mysterious glamour of the newest technology, the brand-new experience that feels virtual reality exclusively, how to let a person not heart?

2. Original copyright virtual film

In the eyes of the industry still in the hardware parameters, the first site has been quick to grab the virtual reality device's soul - content. Independent team quality original, mass resources to choose, monthly surprise and constant... The powerful content barrier built by si le, effectively helps partners to stick to the user, always stay ahead, fearless of any competition.

3. Unique access to social functions

Based on the highly interactive social link design, users can not only experience the most fashionable virtual reality technology independently, but also can compete with friends and relatives online in the rankings. Even through the live screen, their exciting adventure will be Shared on the sidelines in real time, attracting passers-by to stop, to realize the popularity and efficient aggregation and cultivate potential consumers.


4. Meet immediate entertainment needs

With a minimum of 8 square meters, the open space can also open a store, and the extremely flexible 9D VR equipment can be found all over the mall community, park attractions, campus neighborhood, theater K room, airport station, Internet cafe bar... Has become the best place for instant entertainment. When shopping, walk, walk, walk past, want to play, anytime and anywhere releases huge entertainment appeal.

9DVR experience library advantage

The six core competitive markets are the dominant market

The game is more original: the latest technology in the world, the most fashionable and exclusive

The reward is more rapid: the high frequency and short time experience, the seat is always profitable

More durable profits: a huge amount of original film resources and monthly updates to the customers

The investment is more simple: the site is flexible and free of worry, the minimum of 8 flat can open a shop

Operation more efficient: intelligent mode single operation, revenue report remote monitoring

Service is more immediate: professional after-sales radiation nationwide, quick response to lifelong maintenance