9D Virtual Reality Experience Hall

- Sep 20, 2017-

Some time ago, Movie Power take part in the Zhongshan game entertainment Expo, officially released a new generation of 9D virtual reality experience hall, which is already the third generation. New 9D experience hall after a number of upgrades, it has produced more goodwill. Although it looks no different from the previous two generations, but in the 9d vr dynamic space capsule action range, the capsule function made a lot of improvement, the future of the 9D virtual reality experience is likely to be it.

If you want to running 9D virtual reality experience in the entertainment market, we must pay special attention to this product. Although the appearance of the new 9D reflect the museum did not make much change, but in the space capsule to add a layer of golden package edge, so that the whole 9D experience museum is more luxurious. At the edge of the capsule, Dragon Electronics added a blue LED to the top. When the experience of sitting on top, the blue light to the experimenter's body, people feel there is a vast universe and deep ocean feeling.


New 9D virtual reality experience hall of the technology there are many Aspect, a new generation of 9D more to reflect the experience as the center of the cockpit design concept. According to the official data, the tilt angle is more to 19 degrees, the maximum tilt angle increased to 25 degrees. Experience the feelings of the action is the greater the better, which is like a roller coaster, the more the number of revolutions, the more exaggerated action, the more people feel the stimulus.


The richer feature configuration is one of the major advances in the new generation of 9D Virtual Reality, and the immersive feel of the experiential has been greatly improved.Movie Power in the original vibration, poke back, sweep leg function on the basis of the capsule to increase the water and jet function, so that the special effects of the capsule more richer, more excellent. In the virtual film we are moving, and there are wind and rain, with the water jet function, will let the experience more immersive. Water spray and jet function.

In a new generation of 9D virtual reality experience in the control of the museum also has a great sense of sophistication, Dragon Electronics in the virtual reality head was changed to Oculus DK2, it can improve the cause of vertigo is the head of the action and the screen to eliminate the lag , And this also allows the use of helmets aimed at the operation to be smooth. It can be said in the new 9D in the aim of shooting completely reached the point of control freely.



Dragon Electronics 9D Virtual Reality egg is the world's top Oculus DK2, dynamic capsule is also used in the world's top 4DX core technology, can be said that in the absence of technical level, or in the experience of the results Have reached the peak level, you can completely ignore the other goods