9D VR- $10000 Monthly Income Is Not A Dream

- Sep 22, 2017-

What is 9D VR ?

9D VR is virtual reality interactive games, also called virtual reality amusement, virtual reality capsule, at any time can be magically into amusement park in various adventure adventure game equipment. The new research achievements, won the national 4 patents, no dead Angle at 360 degrees realistic construction of real adventure game equipment experience, immersive virtual reality and interactive experience bring shock, a free soul level entertainment theme park play than real big pendulum, horror the on class adventure amusement equipment such as roller coaster of weightlessness, drifting, centrifugal force and other feel more horrible and stimulation, shock and enjoyable! Guangzhou Movie Power, with the advanced technology digitizing equipment, lets you realize the dream and future, experiencing the reality and the normal situation cannot complete, dare not complete the content!

How does 9D VR make money?

It has small room size, small investment, quick payback, operating mobile convenience, indoor and outdoor are the characteristics of the business, is a new entertainment equipment of virtual reality technology, is today's hottest investment.Within 1 month can get back the invest, 1 year millionaire is not a dream, operation is convenient, anytime, anywhere, want to go, everywhere make money!

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Where does 9D VR go?

1. As a cutting-edge technology entertainment toy, it can be opened in and out of the indoor and outdoor areas, such as square, park, amusement hall, airport, club, KTV, gym, science and technology museum, museum, etc.

2. Virtual interactive cutting-edge technology demonstration, adventure stimulating amusement project simulation display, science popularization, teaching, exhibition, exhibition, store opening and other occasions;

3. For all business occasions that need to quickly attract traffic, eyeballs and attention.

4. Cooperate with 3d games, stereoscopic films and other 360-degree film and television content to display the scene of the simulation experience.

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