9D VR Virtual Reality Equipment, Makes A Different Experience

- Sep 23, 2017-

360 degree overview simulation, field of vision, following minor head movements can also cause instant scene again. Enter a fully immersive gaming experience that will allow future horizons to be within reach,the latest best quality to send, the surprise non-stop.

This is not a separate three devices, but a complete 9D VR!

Have you ever been to the mysterious depths of the sea? Imagine that tens of thousands of fish will dance with you, gently turn your head to break the waves and swim through the fish. Have you ever been to the magnificent Forbidden City? In the story of the dappled red wall, the fingertip is lightly flayed, the past years of the past with you to say; Have you ever been in space? In the bright star sea, wandering, the heart will move, indulge feelings of extreme weightlessness......

This is the 9D vr virtual reality experience center, the virtual reality experience solution. In the true sense of virtual reality, not constrained by simulated all the experience in the real world, such as rock climbing, scuba diving, rafting, etc.), more have the ability to create everything within the scope of human perception can experience experience (e.g., in the world of space flight). Without experiencing 9D, you can never understand the charisma of virtual reality.

Haven't been to 9D vr, say what experienced virtual reality


Recent VR world big heat 9d virtual experience museum, is the first independent research and development of the scene by the experience of the world's first VR commercial projects: in a futuristic design element blue egg type space fully experience virtual reality world,feels dye-in-the-wood is science and technology.

Game is one of the most direct, most can show the carrier of virtual reality, through wear particular virtual reality equipment can experience immersive gaming fun, this experience with Movie Power 7 d / 8 d interactive film experience is all roads lead to Rome. Pure sensitive internal sources, as the market competition in virtual reality 9d vr, open up new entertainment industry development trend, its research and development team through its own perfect and equipment innovation, through the research for a long time, finally developed an unprecedented innovation and unique experience of virtual reality system, and officially named " 9d virtual reality experience". 

Movie Power 9D VR experience, peak work of science and technology, virtual reality devices, peripheral hardware peripherals, entertainment platform seamlessly combine, indulge in the virtual world scenery surrounded by 360 °, you can experience the real weightlessness of displacement based on perfect space reduction and vertigo, never leave home can up the mountain and the sea, flying dun land, enjoy fully immersive gaming experience.