9d Vr Which Factory Is Good, Of Course, Movie Power

- Sep 19, 2017-

 Over the years, Movie Power has been engaged in 4D, 5D, 7D equipment R & D and production, in 2014 began to involve the field of 9D VR, 2015 launched a new 9D VR two generation products "9D vr egg cinema. Compared to other 9D VR equipment, "9D vr egg cinema" in the domestic entertainment market share rapidly improved, and soon became the main force of China's entertainment market.

9d virtual reality (10).jpg

As the two generation of 9DVR products, "through time and space" still has some advantages. Long Cheng Electronics provides customers with VR virtual reality, open class DK2 head display, compared with the domestic head display and DK1 head display, clarity greatly improved, while the sense of vertigo is greatly reduced. Movie Power of the Korean 4DX core technology, so the development of dynamic platform, you can make cinema 4DX hall exactly the same effect. Moreover, in order to let the experience have more immersive feeling,Movie Power also for the dynamic capsule increased water jet and jet function. Let the experiencer not only in the virtual world flying, you can look up and bow, and can feel the wind and rain in the virtual world!


Movie Power provide customers not only is a set of 9D VR equipment, and is a perfect wealth. The latest VR virtual reality technology, the dynamic and full of technology space capsules, of course, can attract visitors, but the quality of the content can allow visitors to experience more than a few times.

Movie Power signed the three famous virtual film producers, including urging the ancestors of Liang, to create a "virtual" and "killer" virtual film. The virtual world is actually our fantasy, our fantasy is the vision of the future, and the guessing of the magic world. The dragon has a massive process of electronic sources, from the ancient to the future, from the fairy tale to science fiction, everything can be said, all-inclusive!

 9D VR electronic equipment, have so many eye-catching performance, but because it is the factory direct delivery, the price is very cheap, single seat cabin equipment only more than $6000, which is quite competitive in the industry price. Well, what about 9D VR  profitability? please call the hotline as soon as possible: +8618027386365 !!!