9dvr Egg Chair, The Role Of Anti-drug Publicity And Education

- Oct 04, 2018-

9dvr egg chair, the role of anti-drug publicity and education

The times are constantly developing, and virtual reality is constantly developing. In today's ever-changing day, more and more teenagers have learned about drugs and even embarked on the road of drugs.So how can we reduce this situation and how to promote anti-drug education? VR anti-drug education tells you!

VR anti-drug education adopts advanced high-tech virtual reality technology, super-realistic reduction of drug use scenes, that is, visual interaction vr allows you to experience the tremendous changes before and after drug use, showing the tremendous changes before and after drug use in various aspects such as sight, touch and smell, and increasing users. The recognition of anti-drug propaganda, VR anti-drug equipment has played a big role in anti-drug propaganda.

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Vr anti-drug education

Today the most popular thing  is the VR anti-drug egg chair. Users can sit in the cool and cool egg chair, feel the state of drug addicts, feel the unbearable drug-free, and let every user experience deeply abuse drugs.

Vr anti-drug equipment - egg chair, no longer the previous game, has a huge impact on consumers, is a new type of experience, can not be touched by real, but it is actually felt, as if it is real contact .

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