A Fat Man In America Has Lost 50 Pounds On His VR Bike

- Sep 22, 2017-

William Brierly 36 years old, his success reducing weight is to use the VR bicycle, That may be said to be a live advertisement, the VR bicycle is a VR equipment, ontology is like common that a stationary bike in the gym, different is the first show, by wearing VR can provide different mini game, let people have more power movement, like put you in unicorn or harness racing or adventure games such as a tank, ride the faster the faster movement is in the game.

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After months of training, William Brierly lost 50 pounds of meat, he says is the arrival of the first child, let him have the power of the weight loss, exercise frequency is about 2 ~ 4 times a week, 20 ~ 30 minutes at a time, is different from general exercise bikes, VR devices to help make his exercise environment better

vr bike simulator (7).jpg