Adventure And Fitness VR Bicycle

- Sep 25, 2017-

What kind of sparks do bikes and VR collide? How does the element of adventure fit perfectly with the cycling fitness element? We are in the crazy bike VR theme park, and can not wave the controller to play the game, but the old and solid pedal in the sky cycling. Instead of going into the virtual world, we're going to feel a sense of adventure. This is a very real adventure story, and the mystery will attract more people to enjoy an exciting experience!

vr bike simulator (13).jpg

This crazy VR Bicycle theme park device is custom-made for an action controller. This action controller is set in the bottom of the seat to provide the dynamic movement that is synchronized with the game screen. The story is set in this empty fantasy world, and we don't know what time the grand architecture is, or whether the earth is here. The game is quite simple to operate, the players only need to hand the handlebar hand, continuously forward cycling. But we're going to face a lot of traps, but instead of a brick falling, it's a whole row of boards, and sometimes over a cliff. At the same time, the action controller is a wonderful piece that will make us feel a series of bumps and falls.

vr bike simulator (2).jpg

Crazy VR Bicycle theme park equipment, ignited the crowd's enthusiasm, constantly attracted them to participate in it. In an age when it's not about looks, this little "crazy bike" has become a big party for VR fans. The experience of "joy, surprise, excitement, touching, romance, and whimsy" will surely make you feel like you have been removed from your helmet.