Analysis Of What Is 5D Dynamic Cinema?

- Sep 28, 2017-

5D dynamic cinema is the most popular form of special cinema, which is based on the traditional three-dimensional cinema and three-dimensional film. It is the essence of the two. The theater system has 360 degree multi plane and up to two types, the new interactive scene of many kinds of high-tech building, education and entertainment.

The feedback from the 5D dynamic cinema stereoscopic display system will make the viewer's screen image more lifelike than the traditional flat screen.

At the same time, increase the lightning, thunder, rain and other environmental effects of blowing, 5D cinema, and through the 5D special seat with video content feedback simulation, create turbulence, collision, moment, moving, feeling of weightlessness. The audience in such an environment, enjoy three-dimensional film, a strong immersion atmosphere, can make the audience access to visual, auditory, sensory all-round feeling, and create the overall effect of birth. Compared to other types of cinema, 5D dynamic cinema has a more prominent theme, high technology content, realistic effect, entertainment and other characteristics and advantages.

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