Become A Real Driver Vr Racing Car

- Sep 25, 2017-

Leading brand of vr equipment,Movie Power launched of VR fly simulator, VR racing car, vr flight simulator, because of a recent hyper-realistic VR racing simulator and enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.

Movie Power of the vr racing simulator useds the international leading technology dynamic, four degrees of freedom motion platform, can the variable-frequency control motor rotation, and have the character of energy conservation and environmental protection, low power consumption, stable system. The appearance is very original and moving, with three screens displaying, the picture is exquisite, 3D vision dynamic lifelike; More it is worth mentioning that it is made of super simulation of steering wheel, to around 90 ° rotation, bring unprecedented vivid experience player.

vr racing simulator (17).jpgIn Movie Power vr racing equipment, players can not only personally wear technology extremely practical vr headsets or vr glasses, place oneself in the world of virtual reality is also true, also can handle all kinds of luxury cars, in all parts of the world famous track gallop, feeling what is "speed and passion". Whether it's the ups and downs of the mountain, the water, the beach, or the ground friction of turning the tail or drifting off the track, it can be an immersive experience. It is worth mentioning that the car simulator equipment, combined with VR virtual reality, has alleviated the drawbacks of VR tools to a certain extent - vertigo.

As industry leading brands, dream time not only makes the hot phenomenon of the global level VR VR racing equipment, more successful research and development of the VR gun machine, 5d cinema, 8d cinemas, flight simulators, players such as popular gaming devices. The launch of vr racing equipment has set off a new wave of racing.It's the world first super racing game,supports 32 multiplayers!

vr racing simulator (14).JPG