German President Praise Movie Power

- Nov 28, 2018-

German President Praise Movie Power

11.23. in Hamburg, Germany, Alexander von Humboldt's vistory officially opened! On the first day of opening, the scene was hot. Many people come here and want to experience the modern high-tech technology - virtual reality. Alexander von Humboldt company also invited German President Sigmar Gabriel and his wife to come to the live experience and praise our equipment.It is an honor to be recognized by the president. 


In order to cater to the special environment of the castle, the company deliberately purchased a haunted house from us, and plus a variety of decoration and decoration on the scene, this is said to be the most horrible haunted house in the world has attracted many visitors to experience. At the same time, there are two dynamic theaters on the scene. This system is the world's first multi-language switching system, which is to bring headphones while watching movies. You can change language bu yourself.It can switch languages according to customers' needs and be more humanized.



Thanks to the trust of Alexander von Humboldt Company, let us work together to create brilliant! I believe Movie Power will be better!