Black Technology Is Coming To Target Hotel Reservations

- Oct 04, 2018-

"Black Technology" is coming to target hotel reservations

VR, short for virtual reality, is a computer simulation system that can create and experience virtual worlds. VR technology is no longer a science fiction concept, and the human audiovisual experience is moving to a new height.No matter where you are, you can experience the thrill of visiting the hotel room. This is an important application of VR technology. When VR is integrated with online travel, everyone will be able to "arrival" to the scene.The National Day Golden Week is approaching, the domestic market will usher in the tourist season, and the number of hotel reservations for many popular tourist destinations will reach a peak. Each company is able to provide users with a better quality travel experience.

In order to avoid the incomplete information of the room provided by the hotel, the domestic online travel platform has certain differences between the text introduction and the picture display, which leads to the psychological gap and the poor experience of the consumers who stayed in the hotel. The hotel's channel has a VR reservation function, providing users with immersive hotel reservation service, which can view the whole picture and details of the room without any dead angle, and provide a more realistic and comprehensive understanding of the hotel room information to better meet the individual needs of users. Improve the user's stay experience.The VR reservation adopts 3D real-time cloning technology, which is to collect 3D point cloud data and color data of space through 3D camera, and then generate 3D structure of space by algorithm to form a 3D real scene space of 1:1 size.

In the searched hotel list, if there is a VR logo on the left side of the hotel, it means that the hotel has already launched the VR reservation function, and the actual operation is simple and easy to use. In each hotel room where the VR reservation function is available, there are multiple VR viewing points such as the center of the room, the window side, and the bathroom of the bathroom. There is a point of view for switching in almost every two steps. When the user enters a point of view, the phone can be rotated 360 degrees to view the scene, the page browsing speed is fast, the picture is clear, and the whole picture and details of the room can be seen at a glance.