China's VR Equipment Enters Microsoft Headquarters. Movie Power Leads The Trend Of New Domestic Products

- May 24, 2019-

China's VR equipment enters Microsoft headquarters. Movie Power leads the trend of new domestic products


Microsoft, a US multinational technology company, is the world leader in PC software development. It is mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing, licensing and provision of a wide range of computer software services, and is currently the world's largest provider of computer software.

Movie Power, a Chinese VR equipment production and operation company, was the first to engage in R&D and application of 4D somatosensory technology in China. It has a number of patents for somatosensory simulation technology and has been recognized by national high-tech enterprises. Its products are distributed in more than 30 countries and regions on 5 continents.


These two foreign companies that did not have much intersection before, because of an opportunity, stirred up the waves of new technology. With its excellent product quality and humanized service system, Movie Power has successfully won the trust of Microsoft and provided various VR products for this international giant company as an enterprise experience device.

It has been a while since shipment to Microsoft, and the Movie Power Engineering Manager once again came to Microsoft's headquarters to maintain and inspect the equipment. Make sure that the user's sense of use does not deteriorate due to the passage of time, but to maintain these wonderful feelings and upgrade to a better experience.


In recent years, the VR industry has gradually entered the development stage. Microsoft has also taken root in the VR industry, and has increased investment in VR games, which will further develop the entire VR industry.

Movie Power's service for Microsoft is perhaps a small step in the current domestic VR equipment, but a big step in the trend of new Chinese goods, which makes the rise of Chinese goods spread to the VR equipment industry. With the recognition and support of international giants, Movie Power will develop more products that adapt to market development in the future and provide an experience that is more in line with current consumer needs.