Foreigners Use VR In Teaching, And The Results Are Surprising!

- Jan 18, 2019-

Can VR technology only be used to play games? Foreigners use VR in teaching, and the results are surprising !

When mentioned VR technology, I thought of it as a game for the first time. The first time VR technology was presented in the form of games, this undoubtedly made consumers record his figure, but in most players, traditional computer games are still the unshakable main force, so how to make VR technology into thousands of households!

If VR technology is applied to games alone, this is a bit overkill. In this era of rapid technological development, VR is not used alone for games, but it has also been used for education. According to statistics, VR Gamification education accounts for $8.1 billion in capital in the global market!

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This also proves that gamification education is a way to go. Compared with traditional graphic education, VR and AR education can give students a more vivid example, which can significantly improve students' participation in the classroom. And the VR's lively is the traditional video slideshow and simple animation can't match!

Imagine combining AR and VR, letting students bring new technology glasses, superimposing what you want to teach into the real world, turning the classroom into a classroom where you teach and educate people, turning 2D into 3D. A new way of education is sure to be sought after by students!

In China, this kind of education has begun to creep in popularity, and it has been used to learn foreign languages. It combines teaching command, human-computer interaction, and teaching monitoring to create an immersive education cloud. Students can see the complete simulation reality. VR scenes and can interact with the teacher at any time throughout the process!

I believe that this new way of education can accelerate the development of the information industry and the education industry. Maybe it will be our next generation. This technology can be completely used as a thing that is often used. At that time, it is possible that students can receive systematic education without leaving home!