From Science Fiction To Reality Games, Where Is The Future Of VR?

- Dec 30, 2018-

From science fiction to reality games, where is the future of VR?

Many people who care about technology and love to read novels must know that as early as in Mr Liu's novel "The three body problem", there is a scene description about VR: Shen Yufei is sitting in front of the computer to play games, so that Wang Wei is surprised that she actually Wearing a set of "V equipment"; this is a popular thing among gamers, consisting of a full-view display helmet and a set of induction suits. So Wang Hao also went into the three-body game wearing the "V" equipment, and traveled on the dry land with the first perspective. Together with Zhou Wenwang and his followers, he marched toward the capital of the Shang Dynasty capital, and opened the "The three body problem" science fiction.

When the "The three body problem" novel was just published, readers may see that "V" equipment only exists in science fiction, but now the full-view shows that the helmet has entered the consumer-grade field, even the induction suit is no longer The product in the novel.

So what is VR?

VR (Virtual Reality): A technology that can create and experience a virtual world computer simulation system. VR uses a computer to generate a simulation environment. The system simulation of interactive 3D dynamic view and entity behavior using multi-source information fusion enables users to immerse themselves in the environment and enjoy the immersion brought by virtual reality.

Currently, VR technology is a hot trend in today's smart hardware, you can use it to experience virtual games, virtual tours, virtual movies and pavilion simulations, and even virtual dating. Video and games will be the main areas of VR vendors.

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In an interview, for VR, Liu Cixin, the author of The three body problem, said: I think VR will trigger a 'revolution' about human existence. It will contribute to the second major migration in human history. This trend is difficult to block. When talking about VR games made by "The three body problem" IP, Mr Liu expressed excitement as a sci-fi and sci-fi game enthusiast: there are many similarities between fiction and sci-fi games. They are all constructing an imaginary world, and in the imaginary world, they all have a world view. The novel is completely non-interactive, and the game is an activity centered on user communication and interactive experience. The VR field has broadened the boundaries of the game, and I think this must be the future development trend.

Liu Cixin also said that VR technology will definitely move forward. It will definitely not be the final technology: I recently watched the human-machine war between Google Alpha Dog and human beings. I think the progress of science and technology is too strong and terrible. At the same time, Mr Liu also made an inference: the future must be the world of VR, and we humans must adapt in advance.

Although VR technology is still in the development stage, it has not completely affected our lives. In the current VR market, quality content is still scarce. Technically, since the helmet is connected to the computing device via a cable, this also greatly limits the range of motion of the user. And some VR experiencers will also feel dizzy. However, as Mr Liu expects, along with technological development and market demand, I believe that these problems will eventually be resolved.

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