Gome To Build The World's First VR Cinema To Create A New Scene To Define New Retail

- Sep 28, 2017-

The world's first professional VR cinema settled yesterday,sized appliances Beijing Madian shop, which is the innovation in retail initiatives. In this sense, Gome President Wang Junzhou said "we started the transformation scene two years ago, some people do not agree, do not understand the electronics retailer, why spend the time and money to do such things. The new scene is the United States to redefine the value of the largest retail, construction and open the VR cinema, not only is a new milepost scene of revolutionary, is to redefine the retail and change the breakthrough and test new retail with the fourth technology revolution."

As a re definition of retail innovation practice highlight VR theater after a year in twelve countries to participate in the design and construction of the building, covers an area of nearly 300 square meters, is the world's highest degree of specialization of the interactive cinema VR.

In day-to-day operations, the VR cinema broke the traditional theater ticket admission form, using the "time sale" mode of operation, reducing the user experience threshold. Consumers here can not only realize VR view, VR game, but also organize friends and relatives gathering, carry out academic salon, experience 3D printing, etc..

Senior vice president of the Gome said that with the iteration of VR technology and VR to enhance quality of content, the United States will work together to high-quality content producers, theater operators, to meet consumer demand for the line entertainment experience together.

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