Guangzhou Panyu 9D VR Manufacturers, The Strength Of 9D VR Manufacturers

- Sep 19, 2017-

Panyu is only a part of Guangzhou, but its entertainment machines have accounted for more than 50% of the domestic market. 9D VR manufacturers, Movie Power,as the largest amusement machine production base in China, the amusement machines are sold not only to the whole country, but also to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Russia, Japan and many other countries and regions.

In Panyu, the 9D VR manufacturer, Movie Power is a rare "world-class famous brand" products, business throughout the world in dozens of countries and regions, if you to the long process of electronic factory, you can see the wall was covered with Movie Power's history all over the world business of electronic products, photos, and the various races in all colors the experience.

9d vr chair (4).jpg

Since the process of electronic absorption and learning to adhere to the combination of independent innovation, in 2008 the domestic 4D theater and cinema special effects had just raised,  Movie Power has been through the learning of South Korea's most advanced 4DX cinema core, independent research and development and production started 4D dynamic seat. After the 4DX three free, six degrees of freedom dynamic simulation technique is applied to the 5D cinema and 7D interactive theater, and this year will be the most advanced VR virtual reality technology and dynamic simulation technology, R & D and production of the VR experience. As the leading manufacturer of 9D VR,Movie Power has three degrees of freedom patent certificate, dynamic simulation, utility model patent technology, six degrees of freedom motion simulation, utility model, patent technology and other certificates.

The strength of the 9D VR manufacturers, is a luxury 9D VR manufacturers, the luxury does not mean we has what luxury buildings, but to create good 9D VR virtual reality experience, regardless of appearance or core components, supporting functions are good quality.


9D VR, luxury space capsule, with metal base, shape design cool. three glasses DK2 helmet display, is the developer level, highlighting the Movie Power used a powerful super high configuration. And also for dynamic capsule increased water jet steam function, you can say that through time and space, 9DVR is the ultimate version of the virtual reality experience equipment.

9D vr is an extension of the visual effect of the moving theater, while the dynamic capsule is an addition to the virtual reality experience, and a wrapper function. This A+B model can make virtual reality a beautiful walk to the commercial plaza, walking street, park, so that everyone can experience the most advanced virtual reality technology, operators can get considerable profit!