Homes Will Have VR Or AR Devices By 2022

- Nov 04, 2017-

 For most people, it's impossible to break away from modern technology, but we admit that even if we don't have technology we can survive. For most people on earth, a tech product is at least every day. Some people use televisions, some people use smart phones, laptops or tablets. Some people use peripheral products. These tech products have slowly permeated our lives over the past few decades. For most of us this is happiness. The next product to invade our daily lives is VR and AR devices.

VR and AR still have a lot of work to do. While there are plenty of VR heads on the market that allow us to experience another virtual world, AR devices are still moving slowly. Even so, there is no doubt that we will have an AR device after a few years. In fact, current AR and VR devices can replace some of the small peripheral areas we use. After all, if these AR and vr products are good enough, they can completely replace most of our peripherals.

For example, people can get rid of laptops or smartphones with AR glasses. Of course, some people may be more accustomed to talking to a handheld device than talking to their glasses and looking as if they are talking to themselves. These are all habits. Seeing people with AR glasses talking, we can say without thinking that they are crazy. How do AR glasses replace a notebook? We actually need to think out of the box. This means that we must not only think about what we do, but also think about it in a different way.

Now, when we check the weather, we usually turn on our smartphones or laptops. Not for a great AR device. We can see real-time weather conditions at any time through AR glasses, not through the traditional screens. Some people even think that AR can not only strengthen our real world, but also make us smarter. Some people believe that the AR device will have a penetration rate of just five years like mobile phones. By 2022, each of us will be able to enjoy the benefits of AR. By then, we could have shopping in AR world, such as furniture and custom items.

In addition to AR, VR will also play an important role in our daily life by 2022. We will only need one VR headset to experience the content of TVS, tablets and phones. Through some more advanced VR heads, we can even sense objects in the virtual world. Who else will we be willing to go back to the 2D world? In a few years, we can even find more ways to make use of VR and AR, and we can bring these technologies into every area of our lives.

Many of today's tech titans are working on AR and vr products. In the next few years they will be rolling out convincing products. Given this, most of the newly listed AR and VR devices may not be cheap. But over time, their prices will become more approachable, and more and more people will have them. By 2022, every household will have at least one AR or VR device.