Housewarming Celebration-Movie Power Vr Industrial Park

- May 20, 2017-

On May 20, The new industrial park housewarming celebration of Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled in the park(address: Guangzhou Panyu district of Panyu avenue north city new road no. 64).


There was a drum of gongs and drums, colorful flags, flowers, and all the cheers and laughter from all the guests on the new industrial park of Movie Power.Meanwhile, the drizzle is more like the dew of heaven, moistening the smiling faces and flowers of the garden.


The sun shines again after rain, ceremony kicked off in a wonderful lion dance performance, the manager Mr. Zhu weiming made a point and gave a speech.He spoke of company development but also full of confidence for the company's future, and hope that we will develop with the industry, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and work together for the development of the industry in the future.

Secretary of science and finance of panyu district Mr. Li Minghua, Guangzhou Secretary general of VR virtual reality Mr. Wang Shengsheng, General manager of youyifeng company Mr. Huang han and Secretary of Caiercun Mr. Cai Zhiwei expressed the Congratulations successively.

The manager Mr. Zhu weiming, Technology consultant Mr. Li Jianhua, Technical director Mr. Huang xing, chairmanb Mr. Cai Jianfeng, the chairman of the association Mr. Dong Tianhai, secretary-general Mr. Li minghua, Ms Xiong-fei huang,  Secretary of Caiercun Mr. Cai Zhiwei, Guangzhou Secretary general of VR virtual reality Mr. Wang Shengsheng, General manager of youyifeng company Mr. Huang han and Guangzhou Huali-tech company vice president Mr. Li ke cut the ribbon for the ceremony to celebrate the new industrial park.


The new product launch was held on the company's third floor, more than 1,000 square meters, including the product experience hall and multimedia room.The manager Mr. Zhu weiming explained the two new products from the research and development idea, the sporty appearance, the feature selling point and the core function.At the same, he tried and experienced the new products with the guests.

The whole celebration was very happy and harmonious, the celebration banquet started with a song called "better tomorrow", the guests greeted each other with their glasses.As the show opens, the atmosphere of the banquet was exploded to the boiling point.

"Movie Power have power!"

Let us start with the new industrial park, release the youth, ignite the passion, and work together to the brighter future.