How About The 9D VR Equipment ?

- Sep 19, 2017-

 9D VR equipment is a device of our visual neural saturation bombing, regardless of our head to where the screen will move with movements of the head, you will feel it in a virtual world. What's the use of this VR virtual reality? Can I just watch movies and play games? In fact, the 9D VR equipment can be used as an experiential entrepreneurial project, allowing thousands of people to experience this latest technology, to realize your dream of wealth!

9D VR equipment is a kind of equipment that experience with equipment, Guangzhou Movie Powqer professional manufacturers, VR virtual reality head display device adds a dynamic space, has become a virtual reality dynamic equipment.

9D VR cinema.jpg

A 9D VR equipment device consists of a VR virtual reality head, a dynamic capsule, and a playback controller. Dynamic space capsule has an egg shaped cabin, the cabin below is a three degree of freedom motion platform. This dynamic platform can do all kinds of movements, such as, forward, backward, backward,right swing, up and down.

9d vr chair.jpg

The playback controller is not just a video for playing virtual reality, but it contains code that controls the actions of the dynamic platform. The playback controller controls the motion of the dynamic platform as the film is synchronized while playing the virtual reality film. Of course, the platform moves and not synchronize with the movie, Longcheng electronic professional staff will often action, action design more exaggerated, even with the music movement, better experience to let the experience.

9D VR equipment .jpg