How Do You Make A Sustainable Profitable For VR Virtual Reality Theme Park ?

- Sep 28, 2017-

 At present, the domestic market of virtual reality theme park running everywhere. For some small city's VR theme park is good to running, how can we make such VR virtual reality theme park more profitable? To this end, Movie Power proposed the following solutions:

1. The choice of shops, related to the VR virtual reality theme park in the future economic benefits and development prospects. The location is recommended in commercial streets, walking streets, university towns, parks, tourist attractions and large shopping malls, mainly with floating population, population density and concentration of teenagers. The site has at least 20 square meters, the height is about 3 meters, the target store is about 3 kilometers, and there are 100 thousand people in the area - about 300 thousand people.

2. The preparation of investment funds, equipment from 1 to 10 people have, mainly depends on the configuration of your needs and do a few seats, sufficient funds, you can choose more configuration.

3. Decoration: Movie Power Technology provides a series of renovation program, you can also put forward suggestions and design their own, please local decoration decoration company, decoration scheme we provide with fashionable and low cost, more for customers to save unnecessary expenses, of course, if sufficient funds, you can also set your the museum has done more for tall yet.

4. Sales staff: 1-2 will be simple operation of the staff can, this can not please, you have time to personally manage.

5. With the scenic area, park tickets, always do not worry about the customer, can also increase the popularity of such things as scenic spots, shoot two hawks with one arrow why not make good use of it?

6. The school, University City membership system, a card in hand, life-long free shooting experience. Walking street, shopping malls and shopping malls jointly operated, buy goods at the same time, there are coupons to send experience, such a good opportunity, who would like to miss it?


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