How Much For 9D VR Equipment?

- Sep 29, 2017-

When computers had just entered China, expensive prices suppressed the popularity of computers. At the time, the computer had a bottleneck. But the emergence of the Internet cafe industry, such as the development of a mushroomed, greatly speed people's understanding of the computer. 9D VR equipment in China's approach to prairie fire development and the development of the Internet bar is very similar, and reason is consistent, in order to meet those without VR devices, and to feel the user requirements of a VR experience. In the development process, both positive and negative aspects of VR experience shop will appear, and opportunities and challenges coexist in this era of great waves. It is inevitable to sing. It's not hard to see. There are three main operating modes: offline experience. there is three 9D VR experience mode?

 VR experience store : 20-50 square meter business area is in commonly between 9D VR experience hall, less experience project, project quality is uneven, lower operating costs, is the present domestic VR offline experience industry to take the main operation mode, and 9D VR experience industry the main mode of early stage of development. The experience store covers the largest number of users, as long as there is a small site. At the same time, the VR offline experience hall has become the most direct way of monetization in the early stage, with low risk and good profit effect. Still some question it's lack of experience, experience too simple equipment and entertainment atmosphere is bad, but for budget limited entrepreneurship, the profit pattern of VR experience hall is still the best VR, below the second-tier cities or counties of consumers, rarely understand VR and VR penetration rate is very low, even all have no, there is a big market capacity. 


Theme park mode: a medium-sized VR experience store with an area of 50 to 400 square meters. The number of experience projects is larger than that smaller ones. The project of superior quality and relatively high operating costs. We have learned, now represents more good VR theme park:,vr family vr egg simulator,vr super hero, VR racing car, etc., on the basis of offline experience hall, transformation and upgrading experience and entertaining a better business model. Among them, Movie Power VR theme park mode includes offline experience hall and the theme park for entrepreneurs to according to their own situation to choose the two models, the overall solution convenient a lot more confused about entrepreneurs. 


Theme park mode: garden area of more than 400 square meters large 9D VR experience, combine virtual reality and theme park mode, can accommodate 50-100 people experience at the same time, there are many different kinds of projects, project quality, project may have the feeling VR experience equipment to join. At present, there is no such kind of VR experience hall in China, but some enterprises have launched The concept propaganda film, which represents The company's dreamtime, The Void and saint witte. Although, VR offline experiences, like the Internet cafes operating, will encounter many challenges in the process of development, but its offline business model is relatively clear, is currently the VR industry the most simple and crude way of cash. The VR offline experience industry still has great opportunities for the current low VR penetration rate. Nowadays, Internet cafes have gradually transformed and upgraded Internet cafes in recent years, adding light meals to them. However, the VR offline experience can be combined with the business model more than the Internet bar selectivity, KTV, bar, science and technology museum, etc. The popularity of VR offline experience has not only accelerated the popularity of VR, but also enriched our leisure and entertainment methods and made efforts to create our beautiful life.