How Much Is 9D VR? Is It Expensive?

- Oct 30, 2017-

 As the concept of VR has become a household name, it has become more and more popular. The popularity of 9D VR is becoming more and more popular, and the number is increasing. Each 9D VR, of course, are now facing a very serious challenge, fierce competition, to improve the experience of experience, enhance the index of adventure, strengthen the competitive advantage, every VR experience museum wants to introduce the specification of the highest 9D VR equipment is the highest dimension, the highest reduction degree of virtual reality devices, so popular for granted, but 9 DVR equipment how many money? Is it expensive? How to find the 9DVR equipment with high cost performance is a difficult problem for many businesses.

The positioning of the product price depends entirely on the value of the product itself. 9DVR is the highest standard product in VR, the price is generally higher than other products, but there are many factors that can't be considered. Such as a device the size of the area, hard itself quality, design aesthetics and popularity, and many other factors will affect the same product price will appear ups and downs, and of course the most important thing is to carry the content of the equipment itself. Therefore, the price of 9DVR equipment is not expensive.


9D VR equipment price is expensive or not depending on price and it will bring much profit, one thousand pieces of products bring eight hundred pieces of profits, only one hundred thousand pieces of equipment is five hundred thousand profits, both of which your equipment? So how much is 9D VR equipment? Is it expensive? You can't just look at the surface price, but also think about how much profit it can make for you. We choose the product not more expensive the better, but choose the most cost-effective for good, how to analyze the cost performance of 9DVR equipment?

As the leader of VR sports entertainment, Movie Power has always been the leader in the field of VR sports entertainment equipment research and development. 9D VR equipment is a series of products which are currently focused on research and development, and many classic products have been shaken to the market and are popular with consumers.


Movie Power to pursue cost-effective, attuned to the customer, the product has obtained the patent certificate, such as the appearance of patent, exclusive research and development platform for the six degrees of freedom dynamic system, etc., for consumers to obtain unforgettable experience and potential development. The content of the film is rich, including the haunted house series, the extreme challenge of adventure, the popular popular science education series and the interactive series of playful tension. Strengthen consumer stickiness, also will continue to update the content of the film, guaranteed stable income. Its after-sales service is first-class, is the first support round-the-clock service after-sales team. Therefore, the cost performance of the video power 9D VR is one of the best, and the price is reasonable and inexpensive, which is the second choice of VR experience hall.