How Much Is A Set Of Vr Equipment 9d Virtual Reality Experience Museum Equipment

- Jun 20, 2020-

How much is a set of vr equipment 9d virtual reality experience museum equipment

With the development of social economy, many cities are getting faster and faster, and pressure has become a problem that many urbanites have. Therefore, how to reduce pressure has become a topic of modern life. However, traditional entertainment and leisure methods are not very effective in decompression. Compared with traditional Internet-based social entertainment activities, in the Movie Power VR virtual reality experience hall, we can reproduce the value of social, and at the same time compared to reality In the world, we can also create more fantasy and incredible experiences.

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The reason why 9D virtual reality experience museum is so popular, let's take a look at the advantages it brings

Advantage one: meet the needs of instant entertainment

Just 8 square meters of space, open venues can also open stores, flexible 9D all over the shopping mall community, park attractions, school surroundings, theater K room, airport station, Internet cafe bar... has become a place for people to entertain instant entertainment, release 6 billion worldwide anytime, anywhere The huge entertainment appeal of the population.

Advantage two: new virtual reality interactive social gameplay

Based on the highly interactive social link design, users can not only experience virtual reality technology independently, but also take risks together with relatives and friends in online competitions. Even through the live broadcast screen, their wonderful experience process will be shared in real time outside the venue to achieve efficient aggregation of popularity, Cultivate potential consumer groups.

Advantage three: low consumption, high frequency, high income

In the past, hundreds of thousands of virtual reality devices have been upgraded, and now Movie Power technology has been upgraded, factory direct sales, and high cost performance. It is distributed to each customer in 9D, but it is only a few dozens of fares, even more than an IMAX 3D movie. It's cheap, how to make people uneasy? When shopping, walking, gathering, walking by, passing and wanting to play, many times a day.

If you have the idea of starting a business, you may wish to first understand the industry you want to do, investigate the market situation, look at the development trend, and then choose a more reliable cooperative brand. Movie Power is your best choice.