IMAX Has Opened Its First European VR Experience Centre In Manchester

- Nov 23, 2017-

IMAX has launched four IMAXVR (VR) experience centers in Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto and Shanghai. Today, the company announced the latest - Europe first - to work with ODEON cinema group to open a new centre at the traford centre in Manchester, England.

The center offers based on the position of the most advanced experience of VR, ODEON hall, located in the center of the trafford adopts the new IMAX proprietary design, is composed of 10 "pod", can accommodate more players enjoy highly interactive, portable VR experience. Designed to optimize the user mobility and interaction in virtual environment of Pod can be applied to specific content experience, whether a single user or multiple users, you can also use the HTC Vive headphones, 360 degrees of sound and indoor track.

"We in the trafford centre, ODEON is one of Europe's most innovative and popular cinema, now IMAX VR experience the launch will make it become one of the most unique movie theater in the world", managing director Mark Way said. ODEON cinema group. Our guests will be amazed at the power of IMAX technology and the quality of content from the world's most creative studios and developers. We are working closely with IMAX partners to bring the best entertainment experience to our guests, which is a huge step forward. We are delighted that our guests in Manchester will be the first to enjoy it in Europe and look forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable experience. "

In terms of content, IMAX will provide a new interactive experience for the experience center for eight to 15 minutes. First, the ODEON of the traford center will include the Ubisoft Star Trek: Bridge Crew Rescue and the newly released formal alliance of IMAX VR on Perseph, a warner bros. exclusive IMAX VR. It will also use the raw data of the unos and hawk flight.

IMAX Europe and Africa, managing director of Giovanni Dolci added: "we are very glad to cooperate with our long-term partners, ODEON, launched the European immersive entertainment business of a new generation of evolution - from Manchester IMAX VR center launch. "IMAX VR merges the best VR technology and content in a highly social and interactive environment, allowing you and your friends to be part of an unprecedented experience."