Imax VR Has Launched Europe's First Offline Movie Theater

- Nov 23, 2017-

 Are struggling to expand VR offline IMAX theaters, with the UK Cinemas, Odeon Cinemas, in the city fell to the ground his fifth VR entertainment center, and announced it was the first European VR entertainment center.

Odeon, a major market focused on British and Irish cinema lines, has 122 and 11 theaters in two districts, just like UCI cinema.

The IMAX VR centre in Manchester city is located at the Odeon cinema in the centre of the city of traford. There are currently 10 experience pods designed to provide a immersive entertainment and social space for players and their partners. IMAX VR, head of the European when it opens in the center of the announcement, said: "the IMAX VR VR technology and content together, bring a highly social and interactive experience, introduced Europe's next generation of revolutionary immersive entertainment."

There are two things that are interesting:

IMAX VR has begun to reinforce its concept of "immersive entertainment center", with particular emphasis on social interaction and interaction. The interaction can be seen from the current offline experience to understand the interaction function and the new progress of IMAX VR is not known. From the Los Angeles store, there's nothing to do except sit around and watch the computer screen.

At the end of last year, France's MK2 studios spent 1.5 million euros on the MK2 VR, Europe's largest VR cinema, in the heart of Paris, with 12 experience areas. So IMAX VR is ignoring the same claim to be "Europe's first big VR cinema"?

IMAX and warner announced a few days ago, launched an exclusive cooperation justice league VR experience, compared with other online/platform, IMAX VR has exclusive two weeks "window period" privileges (even without window protection, other platform to distribute content also need access to the IP franchise). The "justice alliance VR" is one of three projects jointly developed by IMAX and warner, which jointly own and develop IP's VR content and its selling privileges.

In Manchester city IMAX VR has just started, the latest content online is IMAX, including Star Trek VR ubisoft game "Star Trek: the Bridge Crew Rescue at Perseph" and the warner's "justice league VR" mentioned above. These experiences range from about 8 to 15 minutes.

The world's first five experience centers (Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Shanghai and Manchester city) are still piloted, as IMAX has previously said. "The goal of the pilot phase is to select different areas to start the experience store so that we can determine where the business model works and where it won't. It's really a learning process."

IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond said at the opening of the New York center this year. Although the IMAX VR in traford is designed to lure young people into theaters. But for the region's relatively typical British pastime, it seems that the premier league at old trafford is a way for a standard Englishman to open the weekend.

Anyway, the content and the "window period" is holding on IMAX looks really better than MK2 know fairly well, especially the replication type chain expansion, carrying the IMAX theater systems genes and advantage in the global construction. Within the next month, IMAX plans to continue to expand in the United States, Asia and beyond to five more experience centers. What about the results of the "global offline experience store test" that IMAX is referring to? Just look at this development plan, if there is any company in the world that has confidence in the "VR offline cinema" business model, it will also be IMAX.

Previously, IMAX had announced a joint partnership. In June, to save about $20 million in annual budget. "This provides space for us to explore important new businesses, including original content and virtual reality," Richard Gelfond said in a statement on redundancies.