London's Tallest Building USES VR Slides To Give Visitors A Thrill

- Dec 08, 2017-

Friends of extreme sports and stimulating challenges, your good news is coming. London is about to open up the tallest building slide! The point is that the UK's tallest building the sharp has embraced VR slide!

 In the summer of this year, visitors will experience an incomparable decline in VR slides, with a maximum of 100 miles per hour, and experience sliding down The ground from The shards.

 There are not only The VR Slide, but also "Vertigo". Vertigo is the use of VR technology, and the shards will disappear from your feet, and you can only stand on scaffolding in the early stages of the building. This feeling can be scary in the brain.

 Together, the two projects make up Britain's highest VR experience. Let visitors experience the feeling of swooping down on the London skyline or standing on the balance beam. This can't be said to be all about VR, and it's also because your real height is actually more than 800 feet. Because of the presence of the VR head, it is invisible. Dare to challenge and extreme sports fans can try!

vr slide .jpg