Movie Power Earthquake Experience Hall

- Dec 06, 2017-

The earthquake is a transient disaster

Movie Power dynamic earthquake experience hall where users can feel the horror and cruel, allows users to experience the true feeling in the house when the earthquake, still can let users encounter the indoor fire caused by the earthquake. In the simulated scenario, users can learn the correct way to save themselves in an earthquake based on the tips, so that there is more chance of survival in the event of a real disaster. The audience truly experience the feeling of the earthquake highlighted the ground when the earthquake flog, wave longitudinal wave, shear wave, combined with the visual, audio, the effects of organic coordination, vivid. To learn more about earthquake knowledge, achieve certain popular science effect, raise people's awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.


1. Real experience environment, real room;

2. Simulated real-time simulated seismic wave, longitudinal wave, surface wave;  

3. The image is in sync with the earthquake vibration, and the feeling of immersive atmosphere matches the lightning, and the smoke effect creates the real environment

4. The system operation is simple, and the operation is fully automatic after startup