Movie Power Invites You To Participate In The Ninth And 2017 GTI Guangzhou Exhibition

- Sep 11, 2017-

The ninth Guangzhou Games International Industry Exhibition (GTI Guangzhou exhibition) will be held in September 2017 13 to 15 in the Chinese import and export business trading exhibition hall A District, this exhibition is set up for the intention to expand the market,Chinese products procurement platform game industry manufacturers. Calling on the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and participating in the exhibition with the most powerful and potential overseas manufacturers, we will also carry out various industrial, export, business and information exchange activities so as to step up the pace of expanding the Chinese market.Movie Power was invited to attend the GTI exhibition.


This GTI, you will be able to experience, Movie Power's latest product: VR Armor Batttle,VR flight simulator,VR Surfing, this year in Shanghai ChinaJoy (click to view the unveiled 2017 Chinajoy! After its debut, it has been hotly sought after, and the major partners have come to the scene, and we will provide free demo for the players at the GTI exhibition site.