Movie Power ‘s 4dx Cinema Is Very Popular In Dubai

- Sep 02, 2017-

                           Movie Power 4dx cinema is very popular in Dubai  

 4dx cinema is a new type product based on the 3D stereoscopic film and the special simulation of the surrounding environment, but it is not the four-dimensional space in the geometric sense. 4dx cinema film is usually vibration, blowing, water, smoke, air bubbles, smell, scenes and figures show other effects simulation into 3D films, formed a unique performance form, combined with the special effects scene and plot, theater chairs and special equipment, to create a consistent with the content of the film the environment, let the audience through the visual, olfactory, auditory and tactile sensory experience multiple body new entertainment, film brings exciting adventure, personally on the scene.

4dx cinema films introduce shock, blowing, water spraying, smoke, bubbles, smells, scenery, character shows and other special effects into 3D movies. Form a unique form of performance, which is today's popular 4D movie.

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Major equipment

The screen has several influences on the experience of Film Appreciation - and most importantly in the quality of the film picture: brightness, color rendition and contrast, and distracting attention through flaws in the potential screen. The screen also has an impact on the acoustical performance of the rear screen speaker system. So the cinema screen is very important.

3D glasses

Digital audio system

For example, using Dolby or DTS, they can show immersive surround sound effects.

3D or 4D stereoscopic film

A source is an important part of the film, after all these and how to enjoy it

Dynamic seats

4dx cinema is the most powerful and promising cinema. It is from the traditional 3D stereoscopic cinema development, the difference is that the 4D cinema has a prominent theme, high technology content, vivid effect, picture of shock resistance, let the audience feel personally on the scene etc..

4dx cinema Seat type

Dynamic cinema in the dynamic seats are generally divided into: 4D seats, dynamic 4D seats, dynamic platform three. Although they are called dynamic seats at the same time, they are very different.

4dx cinema seat: commonly known as single degree of freedom seat, is the earliest, but also the lowest price of a chair, it can only move up and down. Domestic about ten thousand less than one. The 4dx cinema seat has a set of two people and a set of four.

Dynamic 4D seat: commonly known as "three degrees of freedom" seat, is developed in recent years, it can not only up and down movement, but also can move around, left and right. Dynamic 4dx cinema seat movement is simulated on the film, as one falls, another rises. Its movement determines that it generally only a set of two people, if the four seat dynamic 4dx cinema seat will be led to the left and right sides of the seat, a large range of movement, the middle of the small range.




Dynamic platform of 4dx cinema : commonly known as six degrees of freedom seat, it not only has the full function of dynamic 4dx cinema seat, but also can exercise around, it is the most expensive seats in a dynamic. The dynamic platform is the next platform, with an ordinary chair on the platform. Its movement is driven by the whole platform, together with the chairs on the platform


The 4dx cinema is located in Dubai , with 60 4D dynamic seats. The seat of the cinema is powered by electric platform and has functions of water spraying, jet, vibration and sweeping legs. At present, snow, rain, lightning, have special effects such as smoke theater equipment installation, can create video content corresponding viewing environment, let the audience experience through both visual and motion, feel personally on the scene thrills effect.