Movie Power’s Vr Equipment Is Very Popular In ChinaJoy

- Aug 31, 2017-

Movie Powers vr equipment is very popular in ChinaJoy

Although it is hot this summer, it can't stop me from going to Shanghai, Because it was the first day of the opening of ChinaJoy.


As the most influential event in the world of digital interactive entertainment, ChinaJoy has attracted thousands of exhibitors from around the world.Absolutely, Movie Power can't be missed.


As the main product of Movie Power ——the VR Super Racing, attracted the attention of all the customers in the first appearance.



In addition, we brought new products.


It belongs to the online competition games equipment, can be a one-to-many form, also can be many more forms.




We are waiting for you at the S212 booth of Shanghai ChinaJoy exhibition E3.