Movie Power’s Xtreme Vr Robot Launch Event

- Aug 31, 2017-

Movie Power’s  xtreme vr robot launch event

Thank you very much for the press conference of the guests and friends of the media.

The whole xtreme vr industry has been thinking about what kind of content the market needs. How can we better increase customer experience and loyalty? The answer given by the market is better professional xtreme vr device comfort and realization of multi-person or team experience. At present, the one-person experience in the market is still the mainstream, the lack of content and the single experience mode, resulting in low user viscosity, the market situation is forcing the transformation of the industry.


On August 25, 2017, after two years of research and development, the xtreme vr robot

Released Officially by Movie Power.

1)This game is drive hand in hand with Taiwan area virtual reality field leader Eyemax takes 2 years, together carefully build own IP content.

2)The VR equipment customized for the game will greatly meet the participants' experience and audience viewing requirements, and the simulation scene will be reproduced in high degree.


3)It is the first competitive VR e-sports product with the first team strategy, independent regional confrontation, first view, and third Angle.

4)Target audience: Internet cafe and video game city, theme park, xtreme vr experience store, etc.


In August 25, 2017, Guangzhou AR/VR science and Technology Innovation Alliance - Guangzhou xtreme vr Electronic Sports Center was officially established in Guangzhou Shadow Power Culture Development Co., ltd.. With the current development trend of VR market, based on large VR team sports "vr robot", combined with the upstream and downstream parts, contents, scheme of enterprise, fixed annual "VR E-sports competition" and the related electronic athletics training, to solve the VR industry pain points, and promote the common development of VR gaming .