Movie Power Show You How To Play VR Games

- Sep 29, 2017-

As a kind of virtual reality technology, VR has gradually moved towards a more mature business system from the "great release" to the investment market.

In contrast to other forms of entertainment, the game undoubtedly has a more powerful "virtual reality" gene, which can maximize the function of VR virtual reality. Agreed with VR in the virtual world game release emotions, and enhance the function of the experience, VR can be fully immersed sense for the user to bring more exciting experience effect, is also a ideal realized "channel".

In Movie Power's VR experience hall, players can enjoy a variety of VR gaming experiences and feel the charm of technology in the virtual and real world.

Such as super hero htc vive vr is a second time, super realism, first-person FPS game, take VR glasses can let players into the virtual game scene from different world, live ammunition to fight a fight, the game's vast is regarded the most comfortable can give a person the feeling of new experience, and even more strongly than live-action CS experience.

The black shield game is the top prize for the HTC Vive content competition in China. Players can walk freely in the scene, or they can fight with their body movements, such as crouching, etc., to avoid attack and feel very immersive.