Movie Power Take Part In The Asian Attractions Expo 2017

- Jun 14, 2017-


Asian Attractions Expo 2017 comes as thousands of virtual reality industry giants and well-known brands converge of 9D VR simulator here. Movie Power has been the focus of media interviews and exhibitors'choice.


The three-day exhibition was held on June 14-16 and through the unremitting efforts of all the colleagues, we have realized that nearly 100 customers have joined the big family of Movie Power, and the harvest is much more than expected. Congratulations to the 15th Singapore exhibition! Congratulations to Movie Power for a great harvest!


This exhibition exhibited new various series products of the company, not only enrich the existing product line, and greatly improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products, product novel, unique, exquisite craft, get the new and old customers consistent recognition and praise.

In this exhibition, all the employees of the company contribute to the preparation actively, and the departments cooperate with the efforts to demonstrate the good teamwork spirit of the employees of Movie Power. We are convinced that under the leadership of the company, under the continuous efforts of the Movie Power team, Movie Power will create a brilliant future!