Movie Power Was Invited To Participate In The Belgian LB-XR Conference

- Dec 13, 2018-

Movie Power was invited to participate in the Belgian LB-XR conference

       As early as October, Movie Power received an invitation from Stereopsia, to participate in the Belgian LB-XR conference on December 7. After a long period of negotiations between the two sides, Miss Wendy will participate this conference, who has worked in the 4D cinema & VR simulator industry for 5 years. She witnessed the crazy boost for VR business in China and throughout the world. With the vocation to promote Chinese 4D & VR simulators all over the world, she is responsible for the international sales and distribution, and she helps to optimize the global VR market for Movie Power.

 Vr Simulator

        Since 2009, this is considered an international event, and it is a great honor for us to be invited to participate. The event aims to explore and communicate all forms and applications of immersive technology (3D, VR, AR, MR, XR, light field, holography and content). Speakers and participants from the conference came from nearly five continents, including scientists, engineers, artists, directors, producers, investors and businessmen. All gathered in Belgium to discuss together. Under the impact of various kinds of thinking, let us see the development prospects of the vr industry more clearly.

 Vr Game

          Wendy shared her speech in Belgium, which the topic is “The future of Interactive VR Entertainment” First of all, she analyzed the disadvantage of the traditional entertainment model, introduce the new business model about VR. It is mainly about LB VR Park, VR cinema, VR Exhibition display, which are deeply change peoples' entertainment way. And than, she showed company strength, we are experts in focusing on somatosensory equipment, with a first-class core R&D team, strong productivity and experienced overseas marketing team. Beside, she also introduced some popular products, like VR Family, VR Super Racing, VR doomsday survival, that attract all buyers attention. The last she shared the future prospects for VR on behalf of Movie Power. Movie Power will pay more attention to Real Interactive and Edutainment for the future.

 Virtual Reality

         After the conference, Wendy shared with us what she saw and heard at the conference.She said: "This meeting has opened her eyes and shared the prospects of VR development with people from all over the world, which has benefited her a lot."