Movie Power-Well Received VR Industry

- Jun 17, 2017-

On June 17, Guangdong University of Technology professor zhan accompanied with fuzhou university professor yu, tongji university professor wang, made a special trip to come and visit our company.


Mr. Zhu weiming, general manager of the company, Ms. Li qiufang and the marketing director Mr. Wang dong, warmly received the experts. Accompanied by general zhu, experts visited the company VR amusement equipment experience, and with great interest the experience of the VR competitive products with VR car racing series of products, communicate with zhu total dynamic technology research and development and application of VR products.





When visiting the 4D motion picture room, zhu invited experts to watch the 4D motion picture.The technology of the servo control technology and the frame synchronous simulation technology bring about the rise, the fall, the wind and the lightning flash and so on the various action special effects and the environmental special effects, let the experts call the shock directly.

In the discussion, zhu briefed the experts on the progress and achievements of the company in the past two years. The development of VR/AR industry, cutting-edge technology and development trend are discussed. Finally, we visited the 6S production workshop of ISO quality management system of the company's new industrial park.