New Product- VR Star Warship

- Jul 22, 2020-

The shocking release of VR Star Warship, the new product launch conference of Movie Power was a complete success

On the afternoon of July 18, the new product launch conference of Movie Power was successfully held in the company's multimedia function hall. At the new product launch conference, the VR Star Warship was grandly launched, and together with many industry guests and store owners on the scene, witnessed the glorious moment of the new products of Movie Power. As soon as the new product was unveiled, it sparked heated discussions on the spot and made everyone feel its cool charm.

vr star warshaip

The new product introduced at this conference-VR Star Warship, engineers spent several months of research 

and development and improvement, and finally achieved a breakthrough and transition in software and hardware functions.99

The VR Star Warship has an eagle-like flexible cockpit. It is a land-air amphibious VR experience product that can simultaneously simulate 360-degree rotation and flight driving combat. The game and action are highly synchronized, and the dynamic effect is very good. It uses the latest unattended system , Make the equipment operation more simple and flexible.

vr simulator