Offline VR Experience Hall 9D Dynamic Experience Equipment Game Technology Development

- Jun 18, 2020-

Offline VR Experience Hall 9D Dynamic Experience Equipment Game Technology Development

The 9DVR experience hall is similar to a normal theater, but you will find the mystery of this dynamic seat. The peculiar chair will combine with the content of the movie to show corresponding movements. When the wind, rain, thunder, electricity and other natural phenomena appear in the movie, the special effects equipment will also appear natural scenes such as wind, rain, thunder, lightning, etc. When the skull, zombies, and sharks appear in the film, the audience can play the role of the film, blending sight, hearing, smell, touch, and movement into one.

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The content of a well-operated VR experience museum is definitely to grasp the user's pain points. The main place for the film to start is from the content of VR resources. Now that the VR experience hall is mainly games, and all kinds of immersive feelings, we need to work hard on VR resources to fundamentally solve the basic points of users' VR needs, which requires the Movie Power VR equipment company. There are excellent teams.

First of all, with the development of technology, Movie Power already has the infrastructure conditions for VR shooting, which benefits from the VR application scenarios that we can bring to the public. Regardless of whether it is a VR game or VR panoramic shooting, a carrier is required as a service, which requires many VR experience centers as a carrier. Because the content of VR must be carried by a VR experience hall.

Secondly, the rapid popularization of VR in society has made many ordinary people more and more easily accept the concept of VR, which requires a lot of real experience of VR scenes, then this requires VR experience museum to meet the needs of the public. Therefore, it is no wonder that the rise of the VR experience museum as a social product.

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However, with the advent of the 5G era, the rendering of Movie Power VR scenes can be performed directly in the cloud. In this case, the problems of stiff characters and poor VR experience can be effectively solved. And 5G can change the user's vertigo during the experience, which can also attract a large number of intentional users who are limited by the vertigo.

To sum up the current VR offline experience hall, it is difficult to provide users with enjoyable services in the early adopter experience. In the process of user training, the industry chain of Movie Power VR offline entertainment needs to be continuously upgraded and improved. After letting more people understand VR through simple VR equipment such as "Egg Chair", it is necessary to have better equipment and content to undertake this part of users who have an introductory understanding of VR, to have a more serious offline experience.