One Of The Most Recommended Vr Equipment In A Virtual Reality Theme Park

- Sep 18, 2017-

Virtual reality technology is very innovative and scalable, and there is a potential to change the whole entertainment industry. In the country and even the world, it is facing great opportunities. Open virtual reality vr theme park is small in all parts of the country, but also for the long process of electronic virtual reality theme park launched 9D VR egg, VR racing car, VR walker

F1 driving VR, shooting VR, Horse riding VR and a series of flight experience equipment. One of the "vr racing car " racing experience equipment, but also brings the player has never been the reality of racing experience!

vr racing simulator (21).jpg

What is virtual reality used for viewing? Still used to play? Such a problem is very difficult to make clear.But the virtual reality is really a shock. It creates a very unique sense of immersion that provides a good experience for the player. Therefore, combining it with the super realistic and dynamic experience, and creating a racing equipment in a virtual reality theme park, will be very suitable for people to enjoy such classic and exciting recreational activities! Longchung electronic "unlimited Tour" has landed a number of virtual reality theme park, and even the recent Shanghai Film Festival also appeared, the celebrities also experienced the international first-class recreation experience VR!

vr racing simulator (17).jpg

Looking up at the stars in space is the vision and dream of human beings. There is no atmosphere obstacles, the stars will be so bright. "vr racing car" is in a "space racing" games like this, there is no gravity in space, one with the magnetic force of 360 degrees around the track, surrounded by a giant space station, people can have a deep space in the car, can also look at the most beautiful stars. In the virtual reality theme park, the creation of such a dream space, a unique adventure track, easily observe the opponent's movements, feeling what is the speed and passion of space"!

vr racing simulator (16).jpg

"VR racing car" in this virtual reality theme park racing equipment,the use of three degrees of freedom of motion simulation technology. The rise and fall of the three electric cylinders simulated the ups and downs of the racing car in space. The electric cylinder technology has the advantages of low power consumption, energy saving, environmental protection and precision. It completely simulates the real state of the car in the process of moving. A racing activity that allows players to be in an immersive manner in a cosmic space. With the virtual reality environment interaction, immersion will be on the next floor. More sense of play during the game. " VR racing car " in a comprehensive upgrade of the pattern, to bring the player beyond the imagination of the explosion experience, will be summer file set off a round of experience frenzy!