One Stop Solution For The 9d Vr Experience

- Sep 21, 2017-

 As the leader of global interactive entertainment equipment manufacturing, Movie Power has always been well aware of the reason and has successfully built the only export brand of China's 7D interactive cinema technology -- the first scene. The gen team to integrate the advantage resources, condense professional strength, the global first VR systematic experience solutions for the consumer market, the big six experience, has created the first site unique 9d vr experience brand advantage.

1. Free view of dead Angle

Bionic view Angle of 125 °, 1080 p hd resolution independent eyes, the first field special 9d vr helmets, bring users all-round no dead Angle to travel in the virtual world to enjoy unique: surreal contact will happen here, dream touch namely and escape the virtual world.

2. Dynamic effects interactive capsule

The movement speed from 10mm/second to 167mm/second can be adjusted in any way. The motion control is precise and delicate, and the feeling of the scene is improved again. The inside of the silos also integrates the special effects such as shock wave, earthquake back and backstab, which makes the user's entertainment experience more exciting and immersive.

3, 360 ° rotating platform

Based on the freedom of the highly rotating platform, restore the real movement, every move is to change, each turn is pleasantly surprised, let users in the virtual world fully experience real space displacement of pleasure.

4. Focus on the head body

Built-in 9 shaft sensor, 360 degrees of the head tracking and no longer carrying heavy weapons, turn the head gently only, can accurate target, cooperate to handle a key struck, form new alone, let users like medusa incarnate myth figures, enjoy a glance at any time between seconds kill all the perfection of pleasure.

5. The content is all-encompassing

Gen independent film research and development team, has a lot of content production experience, in the research and development advantages, on the basis of inheriting its own film constantly integration of entertainment elements, let the user experience is more rich and colorful: in the virtual world, virtual combat virtual shooting, a roller coaster, virtual flight, virtual driving... An endless stream of excitement and excitement.

6. Live highlights

The scene of the user's virtual game competition will be broadcast live on the big screen, with the combination of self-entertainment and performance, satisfying users' two kinds of entertainment needs at once. At the same time, such free live advertisement is also very helpful to attract bystanders, gather the popularity, and continuously raise the attention.

9d vr chair (6).jpg

At the first days of interactive theater has been set up his own professional team, the only independent research and development in the industry, the monthly update constantly, continuously enriched the contents of the platform and improve the user viscosity and repeated consumption. And in 9d virtual reality experience museum project, the first scene is firmly inherits the traditional advantages, research and development team has developed a number of imaginative 9d entertainment content, and will continue in the future to upgrade, to create the industry's most diverse entertainment platform.

In addition, the first site 9d vr, without fixed screen, no sound insulation repair, born to adapt to any site, open stores with real-time streaming system, form a vivid live advertising, save extra publicity expenses at the same time, help operators continue to gather popularity, raise awareness, develop potential consumer groups.

Finally, it is not only the VR experience product that is aimed at consumers, but also the system solution to realize the VR gold rush dream. The first site to enrich effective means of commercial operation, to meet the challenges faced by entrepreneurs interested in virtual reality industry investment, to grasp the trend of the development of virtual reality great opportunities, while realize own brand value, and cooperation partners and win-win future!

The first site 9 d virtual reality experience pavilion, a fresh start all over the world, is now hot sale, more details please pay attention to our website, or call us directly!