​Prices Detailed For 9d Vr Capsule Virtual Reality Experience Equipment

- Sep 19, 2017-

Moive Power 9d vr capsule virtual reality experience, is the dynamic simulation of recreational facilities manufacturers launched a long range electron update products, make 9d vr capsule virtual reality technology has been the ultimate performance, show the strong strength of the dynamic simulation!

From sight, hearing, and touch, it gives our senses an amazing leap!

With the acquisition of Oculus for $2 billion by Facebook in 2014, the more immersive VR virtual reality technology has attracted intense attention.

Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg introduced VR virtual reality glasses, "when you wear Rift, you'll be able to experience immersive immersive environments that seem to be really there."."

What makes VR virtual reality glasses have such a great sense of telepresence?

On the one hand, VR glasses inside the screen is no limit, VR glasses head sensor, will follow the experience of the head movement, the control picture to the experience of the head direction of action expansion. Through the movement of the head, the experiencer can observe and explore the surrounding environment. The experiencer will feel very real, and when he wants to look up at the top, the picture really moves up the top. Of course, the designers of virtual reality images will intentionally arrange some birds and other things, which will cause the experiencer to explore everywhere.

On the other hand, because of the 9d vr capsule, this kind of head mounted monitor isolates the experiencer from the surroundings. Experience can not see the reality of the four sides of the scene, only to see the screen in the virtual screen, so that the immersion has been strengthened.

Giant screen, screen, ball screen movies many times to try to break a square frame, and VR virtual reality finally made it. People don't have to look at the screen again, they can now see and explore in the virtual world. VR virtual reality is a 720 degree full virtual environment. Through head sensor and computer graphics processing, the picture will extend to the head and generate immersive interactive visual simulation.