Professional 5D Cinema Manufacture In China

- Sep 28, 2017-

What is 5D cinema:
5D cinema is based on technology of 3D cinema, it is a new digital movie technology, combining with various complicated special effect like lightning, snow, vibration, spray and so on. 5Dcinema is a new cinema form emerged in international, 5D cinemas have high technology, prominent theme, and effective strong impact on the screen features compared to other types of theaters. 5D cinema viewers can now experience new unique features, touch and feel such as smoke, water, snow, bubble, smell, lightning, legs touching, photo snap shooting system and other effects.

5D cinema is generally made of 4 factors, they are stereo display system, vibration seat and special effect equipment, and computer controlling system. They work together and constitute one system, stimulating audience visual, audition, touch and feeling, it can mobilize all the perceptual system of viewers and make you really come into the plot, which makes viewers feel the scene very close and gain all-around experience from your vision, hearing, touching, smelling and take you into the simulative environment which can be felt as a real world. The effect is life like.



1,What’s difference among 2D|3D|4D|5D|6D|7D?
2D:planar display effect
3D:stereoscopic visional effect
4D:based on the 3D and added with the special effects like wind simulation, lightning simulation, bubble simulation, rain simulation and so on
5D:based on the 4D and have motion seats to simulate the movements in the movie scene
6D:based on the 5d and the cinema carried by a truck or sth.
7D:additional with the game of man-machine interaction

2,What’s difference among 2/3/6 degrees of free?
2pistons(2DOF): has bending front/back, left/right.
3pistons(3DOF): additional to bendings, has a lifting.
6pistons(6DOF): it can lift/drop, spin, wave, ect.

3,What’s difference among pneumatic/hydraulic/electromechanical seat system?
The pneumatic seats are of the lowest price, but the quality is not good enough. This kind of chairs are fit for the use of large cinemas. Comparatively, the price of the hydraulic chairs is moderate and the quality is also favorable. These chairs, whose life is one to three years, are widely used in normal cinemas. The servo motor chairs are the most expensive one, and of course, they are of the best quality.

4,how to get benefits?
Image u order a 9 seats 5d cinema, you sell a ticket 3 USD; the cinema runs for 8 hours per day and each movie plays 15 minutes. So you can get:


If working time>8 hours, income will be more!
If ticket>$3, income will be more!
Only needs one 20 sqm room, 2 staff, 1 set of our device. And the electricity bill paid. You can get the invest back quickly in 1 month and then make the profits.

5,How to install the systems?
All the whole system can be installed according to our Installation Instruction CD and Manual; Or we send our engineers to conduct the installation.

6, What about after service?
1 year warranty for the 5D cinema equipments and no warranty of consumables; free maintenance service offered; 5D movies updated each month.

7, 5D cinema marketing strategy?
You can run the cinema in the prosperous downtown area, sell the tickets directly to the audience; there are a lot of schools which have no science museum, students can only learn the high-tech from TV or PC, you can cooperate with the school and bring the shock of science to the students; you can cooperate with some shops and when the customers buy enough amount of the goods the shops will offer some tickets of 5D movies for free. You can give some discount to the shops; you can cooperate with some group purchase websites, put your tickets on the shelf; you can set the cinema on a truck so you can shoe the 5D movies to the customers around the country.

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